Dylan McWilliams, a Colorado man, was bitten by a shark Thursday in Hawaii.

There’s nothing extremely unusual until you hear Dylan  has  been bitten by a shark, a bear, and a rattlesnake In less than four years

We don’t know if he is really lucky or really unlucky. Being bitten by 3 dangerous species within 4 years and being alive, this is a miracle.

He is only 20-years-old and spends most of the time outdoors. This is definitely a story where no one would like to experience.

On Thursday, McWilliams was swimming at about 50 yards from Shipwreck’s Beach off Poipu. Suddenly, a big shark bitted him in one of his legs.

The shark’s bite was strong. He suffered deep cuts in his leg but fortunately, the injury wasn’t life-threatening.

The most difficult thing was swimming back because his pain was enormous. He continued swimming hoping that the shark wouldn’t follow the trail of his blood.

He had seven stitches to the leg’s wound.

Last July, McWilliams suffered another attack by a 300-pound bear. He was camping with his friends in Colorado when suddenly a bear grabbed the back of his head and started pulling him.

He fought as hard as he could, but the bear dropped him and stomped on him a little bit. Fortunately, my friends saw me and they scared the bear away.

He received nine staples in his scalp but his life was saved.

Another attack from a rattlesnake occurred about three and a half years ago in Utah.

McWilliams seemed to be very lucky because he took in only a small amount of venom. He was only a little bit ill afterward.

He and his parents are very grateful that he is still alive.