Single Mom Builds Luxurious Tiny Home As Her Retirement Residence, Enjoys Mortgage-Free Life

It’s no secret that the tiny house movement has taken the US by storm. With the cost of living on the rise, tiny homes give their owners a chance to live mortgage-free. This new minimalistic style of living has quickly gained popularity, with tiny homes popping up all over the country. Entrepreneurs and frugally minded people are flocking to these small houses which allow for financial independence, but there’s another group of people who have discovered the appeal of tiny homes: Retirees.

Michelle Boyle recently jumped on the tiny house bandwagon. Boyle, who has been a single mom for almost 13 years, found herself living paycheck to paycheck for most of the time. During her life, Boyle has been married twice and divorced twice. She lost the ownership of homes during that difficult time.

But Boyle saw the tiny house movement as a way for her to take control of her life again. She decided to design and build her tiny house to live in when she retired.

Funded by cash and sponsorships, Boyle’s tiny house is actually quite luxurious.

It measures 8.5 feet wide, and is 24 feet long. The interior has a rustic style to it.

The space itself is very open, and is even equipped with a staircase.

The laundry and closet are located behind the living area.

A bathroom is also on the first floor.

A kitchen nook is equipped with a stove, oven, sink, and fridge.

The second floor houses a lofted bedroom area that’s spacious enough for a large bed.

Boyle says that she is quite comfortable in her home, and has even found a new way to make income through the experience. After completing her own home, Boyle has built other tiny houses to rent out to others. She’s created a blog chronicling the process and enjoys sharing her experience with others.

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