Mother Who Brutally Killed Her Daughter By Punching Her In The Chest Gets Attacked In Prison

Ayeeshia was only 21 months old when her own mother punched her in the chest in May 2014. The force of the blow caused Ayeeshia to bite through her tongue and broke three of her ribs. It also caused a tear in her heart, and she died. Her mother, twenty-three-year-old Kathryn Smith, was rightfully found guilty of murder.

Smith, a known drug addict, is serving her 24-year sentence at Foston Hall women’s prison in Derbyshire. Her inmates had been planning to attack her for some time, but no one wanted to get any extra time added to their sentence.

They finally went through with the attack when Smith was in a stairwell. Two inmates attacked her and about 10 others stood and watched.

The entire incident was recorded on video surveillance. Smith was punched and even stabbed with a homemade knife. During the four-minute attack, Smith was howling in pain and ended up with a cut across her cheek that is about an inch long.

One witness said that the two women who attacked her went all out and Smith was in bad shape when it was all over.

Experts who have seen her injuries are saying that it looks like she was in a high-speed car crash. Some of the staff said that not many people at the prison have much sympathy for Smith.

You know the saying “what comes around goes around.” An official from the prison has denied that any weapon was used during the attack and has stated the two inmates responsible have been disciplined. Share away, people.