This Baby Deer Was Screaming For Help As Mom Ran Around In A Panic. Watch What Happened Next!

When animals get trapped in our backyards, we may not know what to do next. Calling a wildlife animal rescue may be your best bet in ensuring that the animal is treated humely and returned to the wild as safely as possible. One fawn was separated from its mother and had fallen under some rocks.

The mother did not know what to do and was pacing back and forth. Unable to move the rocks herself, it seemed like the fawn was going to face its fate. But thanks to the help of the firefighters who were called to help. They broke some of the rocks apart, all while the mother was pacing in large circles, waiting to see if her baby would get out of this ordeal.

Take a look at this video!

After they broke a few rocks apart and got the fawn out safely, it sprang off into the woods, and the two were reunited! Share away, people!