The Gastric Protector Known As Omeprazole Is Killing People

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the biggest and most profitable in the world, whatever problem you have, you can guarantee that they have a pill to fix it.

Gastric problems affect millions of people each year, and there are many drugs on the market that claim they can help.

One such drug is Omeprazole which is prescribed to people with gastric problems, such as an excess of stomach acid. This drug is sometimes prescribed to people who are suffering from only mild stomach problems.

This drug can actually cause serious harm to your gut, disrupting the beneficial gut flora that already exists.

They are usually prescribed as strong antacids to stop excess acid in the stomach, but they actually work as ‘Proton Pump Inhibitors’ which means they inhibit acid from being created in the stomach.

A certain level of acid in the stomach is needed for healthy digestion and often Omeprazole can stop this bodily function from working properly.

These drugs are only meant to be taken for short periods at a time, but they are regularly prescribed by doctors for years for people suffering long term stomach problems.

Some of the health problems attributed to Omeprazole include:

Central nervous system damage
Red blood cell depletion
Respiratory problems
Muscle aches
Dementia and other neurological problems

Vitamin B deficiency is reported in around 65% of people who are taking Omeprazole long term.

This is a classic case of the pharmaceutical industry releasing a drug which targets one problem, but the long list of side-effects are much worse than the original problem.

The problem of drugs such as Omeprazole being taken over long periods of time is that often the side effects are not noted as being related to the drug, and can go unnoticed for years.

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