Couple Annoyed by Horrible Service Gives Waiter the Ultimate Payback

From delayed flights to long grocery store lines to waiting forever at a restaurant, Americans are notoriously impatient with people who waste our most precious commodity: time.

We’ve all been there and surely know the feeling of frustration associated with such situations, but one couple is showing the world that a small perspective shift can change everything.

Makenzie Schultz and her husband Steven were out to eat one night when they experienced a diner’s worst nightmare (well, other than food poisoning)—service at a snail’s pace. To top it off, they were having dinner to celebrate their anniversary, so it wasn’t exactly setting the romantic mood that they’d hoped.

After waiting 20 minutes for water, 40 minutes for an app, and more than an hour for an entree, needless to say, the couple was pretty darn irritated.

According to Makenzie, the service downright “sucked,” as she explained in her viral Facebook post.

But instead of taking it out on the waiter, she decided to get introspective for a moment and put herself in his shoes—for at one time, she was.

Read her inspiring encounter in full below: