Andreas saw 15-year-old girl surrounded and sexually harassed — then he did what no one else dared

Slapped on buttocks

Andreas described how one guy rolled up a newspaper he was holding and topped the women on their behinds. This made Andreas furious.

“I ran towards them and I was tackled into the ring. Things got messy and I fell down on the ground with one of the guys. Then they all just ran off,” he told Arbetarbladet.

Could have gone really badly

After managing to scare off the guys, Andreas was relieved: he felt that their behavior could have ended up even worse for the women. The guys were after all quite larger than him in size. But he says he couldn’t have lived with himself if he’d done nothing.

“I think it was disgusting that people did not intervene.”

If more people thought like Andreas, society would be safer. He deserves praise for his reaction — please share this story to pay tribute to him.